The next affair to do is install the arch unit. This allotment varies a lot from car to car. Newer cars may crave able accession depending on how abundant is chip into the stereo basic of your car. For earlier cars it tends to be as simple as affairs an accession kit bustling the old one out and bustling the new one in, this is breadth speaking with a able comes into play. A able would be able to acquaint you these things. After your electrical arrangement is beefed up and your arch assemblage is installed next is the amplifiers and capacitors. In my bureaucracy I acclimated two amps. So that is what I will explain the accession of. One amp is for the sub woofers alone and the added amp is for the speakers in the car. There are three affairs in your car that accept to go from your amp all the way to the foreground of your car. This is the hardest allotment of the accession because it requires conduct a aperture through the blaze wall, installing a agglutinate in your car and agriculture the wire to the block (where a lot of amps are placed in cars). The added two affairs are the bound wire, which tells the amp if to about-face on and off and the RCA cables which are the absolute audio cables. That all accepting said if you?????re done there should be RCA cables, bound wire, and adeptness wire (positive) in the trunk. This is if you would ambition to acquisition a bald metal abode in the block and attach a arena wire, finer the aforementioned barometer as the adeptness wire. Afterwards you accept your arena and your absolute affairs afresh you charge to add your splitters which will breach your arena and your absolute affairs into two wires. So now in the block you should accept a adeptness wire with a splitter agreeable into two adeptness wires, a arena wire on bald metal with a splitter agreeable it into two arena wires, RCA cables, and a bound wire. This is if you would add the capacitor to the adeptness wire you?????re traveling to use for the sub woofer amp. The capacitors capital job is to accrue the breeze of electricity to the amp constant, so if there is a bead in voltage the capacitor will absolution some energy. Now assuredly the accession of the amps is possible. I acclaim award about to adhere the amps in the block as adjoin to absolution them accelerate around. This is if you affix the adeptness wire to the absolute affiliation on both amps. The arena wire to the abrogating affiliation on the amp. The RCA cables to the red/white/left/right ports on the amp. Lastly affix the bound wire to the bound anchorage on the amps. During all of these access the agglutinate on the adeptness wire should be tripped to abstain accepting shocked. Once you?????ve affiliated both amps about-face the agglutinate on about-face the arch assemblage on and accomplish abiding the amps blaze up with it.